Hyde Esco – HD (Prod: Hyde Esco)

THIS TRACK IS FUCKING CRAZY. Aye so y'all gotta get hip to this "HD" joint I stumbled upon on soundcloud by St. Louis artist Hyde Esco. Esco didn't waste a bar on the self produced track. "Millionaires don't make excuses they just emphasis Ambition"...realist shit ever!!!! Be sure to listen to the track below and... Continue Reading →


Lil Lean – Put Me Down

Lil Lean makes his Everything's Fly debut with the first single off his upcoming project "NOT SORRY" titled "Put Me Down". Lean puts his heart on the beat adding a bouncy flow that'll have you singing along instantly. During the transition of trying to find his sound and becoming the artist he is today, Lean... Continue Reading →

The Greens | A Growing Influence

Columbia, MO is a dusty town spread out between hills and vast forests, parks and farmlands. Smack dab in the center however, is the University of Missouri. Mizzou, home to SEC athletics and the occasional white frat scandal, is an unlikely but incredibly live ecosystem for creatives, especially those that fall into marginalized groups. It... Continue Reading →

Shop Woodlands

We got the chance to sit down with the owners of new St. Louis clothing brand "Woodlands" to try to get a better understanding of who they are and what their brand represents.   What kind of brand are you? ( like skateboard, designer, high fashion etc) We are purely a skate & smoker clothing... Continue Reading →

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