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The Carti-Era

Playboi Carti recently dropped his first album self titled “Playboi Carti,” and he’s finally starting to gather attention due to hot singles off the album like “Magnolia” and “Wokeuplikethis.” Still, I feel like most people are sleep on Carti, and it’s time people start waking up.


I got hip to Carti in 2015 when he dropped “Broke Boi” to his soundcloud. It had a different vibe and feel to the song unlike any rapper at the time. The hook immediately caught my attention, ” Audi, Beamer, Benz with the roof up. Still on this goop punch,three gram, boof blunt..” The subtle rhyming pattern mixed with a smooth melody helped Carti rise to some notoriety on Soundcloud that year.

Although Carti was receiving buzz he never dropped a mixtape, and the only way he would release music was by dropping singles on soundcloud. He also signed with A$AP Rocky’s group A$AP Mob, but still kept pushing back the date for his debut project. Along with barely dropping music Carti also barely posts on social media. This made Carti a mystery to the public and had me questioning if he would ever drop a tape.

Well he did drop a tape and it’s one of the hottest projects I’ve heard so far this year. Before listening, you must understand he’s not J.Cole or Kendrick so you won’t be getting that type of lyrical substance. Carti makes feel good music that you can vibe and turn up to. In 2015 he really only rapped about women, money, clothes , and drugs, and on his first project those are the exact same things he’s rapping about. He didn’t switch up on his original style or flow and that’s why I’m also a fan of his latest project.


The other singles outside of the main singles on Carti’s album are just as hot to me. “Lookin” with Lil Uzi is a catchy song with a pretty decent verse by Uzi. “Let it Go” also caught my attention because of how real he keeps it on the song “Sell a P, Sell a O, Sell it for the low.” Unlike Lil Uzi,  Carti is more chill on his hooks and his verses bringing a coolness to his songs similar to 21 Savage.

In my opinion the whole Carti project is worth listening to, and he will be the next best thing in mainstream rap. So keep an open-mind, give him a listen and enjoy