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Shop Woodlands

We got the chance to sit down with the owners of new St. Louis clothing brand “Woodlands” to try to get a better understanding of who they are and what their brand represents.



What kind of brand are you? ( like skateboard, designer, high fashion etc)

  • We are purely a skate & smoker clothing brand

Who is your target audience?

  • We hope to reach out to all skaters,smokers and anyone who wants to be about promoting positivity & growth for themselves and others around them.


_DSC5034 (1)


How did you come up with the name?

  • It’s a plural for woods & trees and we consider ourselves a smokers club, so wanted a nice name for our club.
  • We smoke a lot of backwoods & weed so we wanted to come up with any word for “trees” so we came up with woodlands.


How far do you plan to take your brand?

  • We plan to make Woodlands a worldwide known brand with very select vendors to distribute it.


_DSC5318 (1)


  • We want to bring light to the St. Louis skateboarding scene, and also to other creative scenes like music, art, and photography.
  • In the future once we’ve established our foot within the city and nation wide we would like to do certain releases to raise money for St. Louis public schools.
  • Eventually we would like to build our own street skatepark in the city for more kids to be encourage to get up and go skate.


Be sure to visit their site below to purchase their fly gear.


Dont Triad



It’s probably safe to say you’ve seen the 3 intertwined triangles around the city of St.Louis. Mic Auston is the St.Louis native who is responsible. Mic’s clothing brand “Dont Traid” is one of the hottest local brands out  and we took a deeper look inside.




We got the chance to talk to Mic a bit and asked him how far does he plan to expand his brand ” I plan to develop my brand into a worldwide staple for streetwear enthusiasts  but still keeping it much more limited than other bigger brands.”



Mic also informed us that he has a release coming out this week. ” I got releases all month and for every month for the duration of 2017. I’m putting together a very big pop-up shop soon so they can look forward to something special” Be Sure to stay on the look out for more big things to come from Dont Traid. Photography by Nicholas Coulter.