RAIN. – The latest EP from Jay Wood

Don't leave Jay Wood's EP in 2017. Take a seat and let's explore how RAIN. is the key to growth.


Making His Mark, In Marker

Travon Greer and his art have certainly impacted the world already, but he's just getting started. Shmay gets to know the artist that even Jhene Aiko and Chance the Rapper are taking notice of.

College Kitchen

Don’t let this pretty face fool you; this girl will definitely get her hands dirty. That is, in the kitchen, of course! Merryck, a native of Los Angeles, California, is a student at the University of Missouri and operates a catering company, College Kitchen. When she is not heating things up in the kitchen, she... Continue Reading →


Q: How would you describe your sound? A: I would say unorthodox? Unpredictable? I have no clue how I am going to deliver sounds on my next beat, it's all in the moment. I only have 8 songs on my page so far & I would say each are boldly different. I use different voices... Continue Reading →

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