Drake & Sade Get Mashed Up for “MORE LOVE” A Playlist by Vacations

  On this weeks episode of OVO sound radio we got blessed with a 5-Track playlist featuring a mash up of tracks by Drake and Sade brought to us by Brooklyn DJ John McSwain also known as Vacations.  Check it out below and tell us what you think.


“INSPIRE” A Photography Exhibition By Nicholas Coulter

Nicholas Coulter is a St.Louis photographer whose work has taken him high and far. Whether it's from seeing his work all over social media doing shots with local artist and models or from seeing a NFL team use his images on their social account. Nicholas really takes his talents to the next level and will... Continue Reading →


Q: How would you describe your sound? A: I would say unorthodox? Unpredictable? I have no clue how I am going to deliver sounds on my next beat, it's all in the moment. I only have 8 songs on my page so far & I would say each are boldly different. I use different voices... Continue Reading →

Trina Rager.. Hi-C, Highlighting Creatives

  You couldn’t tell just by looking at her, standing a sweet petite 4’10 and sporting a smile that is equal parts sunshine and quirky familiarity, but this chick packs a punch. When I met Trina, I reached out after seeing her sleek powerful pictures on my instagram timeline and we quickly made plans to... Continue Reading →

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