Jerei – Roofless Coupez

Y’all may know Jerei from his photography throughout the city, but have yall heard my mans spit?? This rush hour 2 influenced “ap”, roofless coupez, he dropped gives us a taste of his lyrical ability over some of his favorite tracks of 2017  (“ap stands for appreciated play, people don’t really appreciate tha music for what it is no more so i figured i’d have to force y’all to appreciate it.” – Jerei)




1. Free Shootz – A track inspired by his free photoshoot era. A way for him to meet some of the established creatives, as well as the up and coming creatives the city has to offer. “I was hella inspired looking back on how many people i met just in that 2 month period.”

2. B Humble – Jerei believes the city has some of the most talent the worlds about see. for the people that doubt on Saint Louis, he has a couple of words for you.

3. M.O.M. –  This is already out on his soundcloud, but he felt it was necessary to add it to the short tape as well. It flows perfectly with everything. With it only being out for a few months, its reached over 1000 plays. Just listen, you’ll see why.




Stay on the look out for more moves from Jerei in 2018!

Soufside got it, dont forget it