The Greens | A Growing Influence

Columbia, MO is a dusty town spread out between hills and vast forests, parks and farmlands. Smack dab in the center however, is the University of Missouri. Mizzou, home to SEC athletics and the occasional white frat scandal, is an unlikely but incredibly live ecosystem for creatives, especially those that fall into marginalized groups. It... Continue Reading →


Boominati Worldwide: STL Producer named Top Songwriter of 2017 for Q1

We've all heard it before, "Metro Boomin wants some more nigga," "If Young Metro don't trust you I'm gone shoot you," or my latest favorite, "It's luh Metro on the beat." It's gotten to the point where you know any song with one of these tags is about to bang. Your favorite rapper probably has... Continue Reading →

XXL 2017 Freshman List

Every year XXL releases a list announcing the next wave of rappers that are next up. Along with the list announcement XXL also drops freestyles and interviews from each artist and provides them with a great amount of exposure. XXL has predicted the success of many rap stars like Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, and Travis... Continue Reading →

Where’d You Go To Highschool?

  My name is Melinda Oliver, but I go by Young Yogi Mel. I grew up on the West side of St. Louis city, and I'm the creator of Young Yogi Youth Project in St. Louis City.  Young Yogi Youth Project seeks to teach teens kindness, healthy coping techniques, self-discipline, and respect for themselves and others. Through the practice of... Continue Reading →

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