FEED THE STREETS, FEED THE STREETS, FEED THE STREETS. In todays society music is consumed so heavily that one artist can be here today and gone tomorrow & that’s not because they aren’t good but because they didn’t keep up with consumer demand. Releasing Music at a consistent bases is extremely helpful to any artist in the developmental stage. I say this because if you’re an artist that doesn’t have a pretty lengthy catalog fans don’t have much to continue listening to before they move on to the next thing.

Now listen….I’m most deff not saying oversaturate the market. You don’t want to be releasing a bunch of random songs all over the place with no roll outs and promo because that’ll only get a couple people to go to your Soundcloud link & all their going to do is hit the like button, press repost, maybe listen a couple times then its at the bottom of the feed with the rest of the random shit they swiped past. But one thing id suggest to stay consistent is maybe dropping a song every week or every other week depending on the depth of your unreleased vault. Honestly the balls truly in your court so just STAY CONSISTENT to whatever your direction you choose to go.

Fun Fact: Artist such as Russ released a new song every week over a span of 3 years. As of now Russ is probably one of the biggest global acts

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