We are back with another edition of New Music Mondays. If you want a chance to be featured be sure to email EverythingsFly@gmail.com Lets jump into the music.


Levi Watson- ZX Counter

Rising Atlanta star Levi Watson has just recently released his newest project, No Love Lost Vol 2.  The tape is amazing and everyone should get in tune with this man.  Listen to ZX Counter above.

Reece- 3AM

3AM is a melodic track from Virginia artist Reece.  Reece newest track is a great track to just sit back and vibe to.  Listen to 3AM above.

Smino- L.M.F

Check out L.M.F, the lead single off Smino’s newest project, dropping November 8th.  Listen to L.M.F above.

Eilleen Sho Ji- Summer Heat

Eilleen Sho Ji is a singer from the bay and her songwriting and singing ability are impeccable.  Listen to Summer Heat above.

Jvck James- Extroverted Lovers

UK artist Jvck James is a promising singer and songwriter.  His track Extroverted Lovers is beautifully made, listen to Extroverted Lovers above.

Chello- F*ck I Look Like

Check out the music video for New York artist Chello’s F*ck I look like.  The music video and track are dope.  Listen to F*ck I Look Like above.

Vibelikegino- Rambo

Vibelikegino’s Rambo is a straight banger.  The high intensity is great and the production is crazy listen to Rambo above.


If you enjoyed this weeks playlist be sure to follow and support the artist showcased today. Until next time, enjoy.

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