It has been a long wait to say the least, but after many years of label woes and push back Lil Wayne has finally released Tha Carter 5. This is Wayne’s latest entry in the Carter series since 2011’s Carter IV. Many people including myself were wondering if the project would even come out. After a string of free projects and mix tapes, some good, some lackluster we finally have the long awaited project. Wayne has stated in previous interviews that his last album would be the Carter V. Wayne being the influential figure in Hip-Hop that he is this is a great time for him. Was Tha Carter V worth the wait?


It starts off with a word from Wayne’s Mother, which is very sweet and loving. It makes Wayne seem more human and not just this larger-than-life rapper. The next track Don’t Cry features late rapper XXXTENTACION. It’s a very dark and emo track and while I appreciate it, I felt a singer or someone different would have been better for the hook. Wayne sounds hungry and motivated on this track. I liked the track just maybe someone else on the hook. The album goes into a string of amazing tracks, impressing me since one of my biggest concerns with this project was how it would sound. There’s no telling how many different versions of this project were made until we got the final product. When I hit the track Mona Lisa and saw a Kendrick Lamar feature I was thrilled. The production is dope and Wayne hasn’t missed thus far. Kendrick Lamar had a amazing verse until half-way through were he tried doing the alien thing with his voice, it was unnecessary. The middle section of the album seems to drag on for a bit. The last few tracks pick up and the end of the album is great. I was impressed with the features on this project, Travis and Wayne have amazing chemistry on the track “Let if Fly” and Nicki Minaj on the track “Dark Side of The Moon”. Wayne put all of the features to good use and the result is one of Lil Wayne’s best projects in years.

While it is not perfect it is a great comeback. The project could have cut a couple tracks down to make a more complete project. Despite that, I found myself walking away with a considerable amount of good tracks. Considering everything Wayne has had to deal with these past few year it is truly amazing to see this project finally come out. Wayne had a few terrible lines, and some of the songs sound dated but all in all this is a good project. This would be a great way to seal Wayne’s legacy and transition into retirement.

Favorite Tracks: Let It Fly, Uproar,What About Me, Dope New Gospel, Dedicate, Hittas


What did you think of Tha Carter V? Let us know what you think about the project.

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