Hey everyone, I hope you all are enjoying your summer, we are back with another edition of New Music Mondays featuring an array of dope artists.  Be sure to follow and support the artists featured on this playlist.  Enjoy.

Vanjess- The One

Vanjess are a duo of Nigerian-American Sisters.  The One is a dope track off their newest project Silk Canvas.  The project is beautifully put together.  Listen to The One above.

Tony Leon- Clueless

Tony Leon is an artist from Birmingham. I went through Tony’s SoundCloud and he is truly an artist that can’t be categorized.  His song Clueless is a dope track reminiscent of the early 80’s pop/R&B.  Listen to Clueless above.

Tone Stith- Birthday Interlude

Tone Stith is an artist from Jersey.  He has proved himself to be an exceptional singer and songwriter, having worked with the likes of Chris Brown and August Alsina.  He is an artist to keep an eye out for.  Listen to Birthday Interlude above.

Anders Ft. Emerson- Problems

Problems is an atmospheric R&B track by Anders and Emerson.  The two are making waves out of Canada.  Listen to Problems above.

Ghoulaveli- Squad Shit

Ghoulaveli Squad Shit is a dope track I found randomly on SoundCloud.  The production is dope and Ghoulaveli is great.  Listen to Squad Shit above.

Vince Ash- Text Free

Check out the newest visual for Text Free.  Vince Ash has been making noise out of Indiana for a minute now.  Watch Text Free above.

94 Nodd- Wheaties

Wheaties is a drop track from 94 Nodd.  94 Nodd is a rapper from University City, Missouri and after going through his work he has a lot of heat, don’t sleep.  This track is fire and the beat is banging.  Listen to Wheaties above.

Atom Black- Nimbus

Nimbus is an amazing track from Atom Black.  Atom Black goes between rapping and singing and does it effortlessly on Nimbus.  Listen to Nimbus above.
If you enjoyed these playlists be sure to follow and support the artist featured on this playlist. Also be sure to follow Everythings Fly on all social platforms. If you want a chance to be featured on future playlists be sure to email everythingsfly@gmail.com

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