New Music Playlist 8/6/18

Welcome to another edition of new music Monday, where I showcase some of the dope music I came across this week.  Be sure to follow and support the artist below so they can keep providing great work.  Enjoy!

Tulip- Shaded Teal

Shaded Teal is a great R&B track.  Tulip’s voice and songwriting on this track are amazing.  Can’t wait to hear more from her as this is her first track.  Listen to Shaded Teal above.

Anwar- ZEUS

Check out ZEUS, my favorite track of off Anwar’s newest project Name That Genre.  Anwar has never been the artist to stick to one particular sound or style and that is what makes him special as an artist.  Listen to ZEUS above and be sure to check out Name That Genre.

Ricky Wolfe-1st Date
1st Date is a melodic track by Ricky Wolfe. 1st date showcases his voice and singing ability.  Be sure to check out 1st Date and his newest EP What is Life.

LA Head- Born Ready

LA Head is a monster on his newest track Born Ready.  The beat is menacing and the way LA rides the beats and switches his flow is dope.  Listen to Born Ready above.


Tre Butler- Empty Bottles

Tre Butler’s Empty Bottles tells a compelling story of a man down on his luck.  The storytelling is vivid and beautiful.  The video is directed by Moji Wilson.  Watch the visuals to Empty Bottles above.


T:ME- Say Less

T:ME goes between singing and singing on his track Say Less.  The beat is great and the production his hard-hitting.  Listen to Say Less above.


Still Woozy- Goodie Bag

Still Woozy is an artist from Oakland and their song Goodie Bag is a dope indescribable track.  The instrumentation and melodies and grooves make it a great listen.  Check out Goodie Bag above.


If you enjoyed any of the artists work to be sure to follow and support their work.  Also if you want a chance to be featured on a future playlist email  Enjoy, see you all next week.

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