Houston Rapper, Producer, Songwriter Travis Scott has finally released his long-awaited album AstroWorld.  This is a follow up to his 2016 effort Birds in The Trap Sing Mcknight.  Many people including myself have been anticipating this album since he announced it in 2016.  Travis has remained fairly busy, dropping a collaborative project with Quavo (Cactus Jack) and singles here and there.  Cactus Jack was met with mixed reviews and the singles were hit or miss.  Fast forward to now and Astroworld is finally here.  Let us see how Travis fair this go around.Image result for travis scott astroworld

Travis has always had the gift of being able to bring people into his world and it not seemed forced.  That has always been a great talent of his, while some people try to get features and it comes out sounding contrived, Travis can work with anyone.  The production on Astro is amazing, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from La Flame.  While Travis has never been the best writer, his songwriting ability makes up for it.  The way Travis samples records is amazing, sampling the likes of DJ Screw, Fat Pat, Goodie Mobb and many more It was fun just finding the samples and seeing how he put everything together. Sonically Astroworld is an amazing project.

While Astroworld has a lot of good to offer, there were a few things I wasn’t a fan of.   Carousel had a lot of potential to be greater than it really was.  I felt let down after the track was finished.  I had the same feeling with Stop Trying to Be God,  it had a lot of potential especially with all those features on it.  It may have started out as a cool concept but it was boring and could have been left off the album. Also on Yosemite would have been golden if it wasn’t for NAV, I’m not really sure why he is on the track as you can barely hear his vocals.

With each body of work, Travis finds new ways to elevate and refine his sound.  Astroworld is a roller coaster ride through Travis Scott’s mind.  The first two or three were rocky, after a few tracks it picks up strides and becomes one of the most enjoyable projects of the year.  The production is rich and layered, and while Scott isn’t a great rapper he makes up for it with great songwriting. Astroworld has something, everyone can enjoy.  Love it or hate it Astroworld is a great listen that everyone should check out for themselves.


Favorite Tracks: No Bystanders, Can’t Say, Who?What!, Houstonfornication

What did you think of Astroworld? Did you like it or hate it?  Let us know what you think.

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