Kids See Ghost is the collaborative project from Kanye West and Kid Cudi.  The collab was announced earlier this year as part of the numerous albums being released from the G.O.O.D. Music camp.  This marks the first collab from the duo in two years.  Ye’ and Cudi have always worked well together, their last collab was on West’s The Life of Pablo in 2016.  After slight turmoil between the two, they have decided to come together and release a collaborative album Kids See Ghost.  The anticipation is high for this project, did the two deliver or are past their prime?

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  1.  Feel The Love-  The production sounds amazing on this track, the cords and synths are amazing.  Cudi is in his pocket on this track, it gives me Man on the Moon era Cudi.  Pusha T floats over this track.  Great way to start this project off.
  2. Fire-  Kanye starts off with a dope verse, his verse sounds more cohesive and put together more so than his verses on Ye.  Cudi follows up with haunting track.  Everything just came together perfectly, this is the music I have been wanting to hear from the two.  This is the best Cudi has sounded in years.
  3. 4th Dimension-  The production has been a star on it’s own, throughout this whole project.  Ye’s verse is dope, the flow is hard as ever.  The sample is awesome, the fact that Kanye flipped a Christmas record is mind blowing in itself.  Cudi
  4. Free(Ghost Town, Pt 2)- Kanye’s singing voice is great, even better than the performance he had on Ghost Town on Ye’.  Ty Dolla Sign is killing it with these features, his work on Ye’ was phenomenal as well.  The minimalistic production is amazing.  The beat transition is another great touch to this song.  So far this album is four for four.
  5. Reborn-  The track starts off with Cudi’s signature harmonizing, this reminds me of signature Man on the Moon Cudi.  Kanye’s verse reminds of classic Ye.  The pianos mix well with Cudi’s vocals.  The minute and half breakdown makes this track standout to me.  Five for Five.
  6. Kids See Ghost-  We have a rare Mos Def feature, it was enjoyable.  The drums and instrumentation are a nice touch.  The dark vibe from this track makes it a standout from the rest of the project.  Kanye’s rapping on this project is the best I’ve heard from him in a while.  The spoken word piece by Mos Def is a nice way to end this track. Six for Six.
  7. Cudi Montage-  Kid Cudi and Kanye come together for the final track of the album.  I love the use of guitars on this song.  Old Ye is heavy on this last track, I love it.  Amazing ending to the album.

Kanye and Cudi return to rare form on this project.  I criticized Kanye’s bars on the previous project for sounding uninspired and ill-conceived, but this album he sounds fresh and motivated.    This is the album both of these artists needed.  After years of releasing hit or miss project Cudi sounds rejuvenated on this project.  Kanye is amazing on both sides of the boards, as a rapper and producer on Kids See Ghosts.  Kids See Ghosts is a amazing listen and is truly a great piece of art that everyone should listen to.

Score: 5/5

Favorite Tracks: Feel The Love, 4th Dimension, Reborn

What did you think of Kids See Ghosts?  Be sure to let us know what you think of the project.

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