Noah Fence & Producer Max Nebula team up once again to bless us with “21st Century Adolescent” a Hip-Hop/R&B fusion about how after adolescence, we as people, tend to live life at such a fast pace trying to obtain our goals. This song is about not letting life pass you in a blur.

Noah Fence, born Nigel Hendricks, was born in the Washington DC area in 1996 and moved to the St. Louis metro area in the early 2000’s. His West Indian roots show through in his music, which he started making at the age of 19.



His heavy gospel influences give him a uniqueness that is spreading throughout the St. Louis area. Noah Fence and I are from O’Fallon, Illinois which is right outside of St. Louis so we work with a lot of people from St. Louis and have connections with many others from the area.  His biggest influences are Frank Ocean, Smino, and J. Cole

Be Sure to listen to 21st Century Adolescent below and let us know what you think.

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