Darius Gray is one of the great hidden gems that the music world has to offer. Breaking out of the basement he has continuously shown the depth of his powerful creative thinking with each music release. While creating his upcoming single “Ain’t got time” Darius Gray focused all of his energy on the negative vibes that surrounded his life and transferred that same energy into his love for music. “People take advantage, for their own advances” is one of the painful, but truthful written verses that can sum up what exactly the song is about. Darius Gray is fed up with being utilized for others gain; he realizes that time is an energetic currency that he can’t afford to let be wasted by others.

Unlike his most recent “The Party”, “Ain’t Got Time” takes Darius Gray to another realm of his artistry by straying away from the turn up vibes and instead showcasing his classic chill appeal. Rising as an artist in the budding music scenes of Saint Louis and Dallas, Darius Grey has the tenacity and talent to go the long haul. Take a listen to the strong, vulnerable, and unique song from Darius Gray himself which is available on all streaming platforms now. https://song.link/us/i/1379330204


Darius Gray Online

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