Rapper and future entrepreneur CoopDaTrille hails from St. Louis, USA and is determined to leave his mark on the music industry. CoopDaTrille states that being raised by a gang affiliated father and a mother who is a masters graduate helped him fuse the two worlds together molding his character and music. Blending street smarts & scholar like  intellect within his sound is what he calls “Aggresive intelligence” 

In addition to his music, he’s also innovating new ways to distribute content to consumers via his Smart Shirts. Simply by scanning their phones against the sleeve of his shirt , his music is instantly streamed to the device. 

His Debut EP “Aggressive Intelligence” drops on March 23rd and hopes that people not only listen to it but also LEARN from it. His motto is to “Add value to a persons mind, and instill Supreme Confidence to their soul!” 

Be sure to check out Coop and stay up to date. 

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