Tory Lanez has just released his sophomore effort Memories Don’t Die.  Tory’s second effort has appearances by 50 Cent, Nav, Fabolous, Wiz Khalifa and many more. I have been a fan of Tory for a few years now, but his last album wasn’t it for me.  So naturally when he announced this project, I was excited but I also was reserved a bit.  Memories Don’t Die is Torys sophomore effort, did he exceed expectations or did he fall into the sophomore slump?


After Tory’s last release many people including myself stated that Tory was trying to sound like a plethora of other artist.  Artist such as Drake, Kendrick, Travis such, just to name a few.  Listening to Memories Dont Die I found myself impressed at Tory and his growth into his own unique sound.  Thats not to say I didn’t hear some influences on this album, that being said slowly but surely Tory is coming into his own style.  It’s hard to put Tory in a box, he is proficient in rapping as long with having a decent singing voice.  Torys story-telling is also something to look out for, on the track Pieces featuring 50 cent he tells a very vivid story on a girl dealing with harsh times.  Another thing that made me happy about this project is he got rid of all the terrible skits from his first effort.

There was a lot to like about this project but there where a few things I didn’t enjoy about the project.  The track “4 Me” is basura.  It could have been left off the project, the flow and that accent ruined the song for me.  The SKRT adlibs are also annoying,  stop. This project doesnt sound like 20 other people on this project, which had me worried coming off of his last project.  Aside from 4 Me, the first half of the project is great.  The second half of the project kind of teters but is enjoyable, just not as good as the first half.  With 18 tracks this album is a bit too long for me.

Memories Dont Die is a great album and a step in the right direction for Tory, his bars and wordplay improved greatly on this project.  His debut I Decided was lackluster and a step back musically for me, especially after all of his mixtapes that I was a fan of.  After a couple listens I was impressed by the production and Torys songwriting ability, coupled with his ability to rap his ass off and hold a tune.  Memories Dont Die makes me hopeful and excited for what Tory is going to do in the future.

Score: 4/5

Favorite Tracks: BID, 48 floors, Real Things

Did you fuck with Memories Don’t Die? If so let us know, If you hated it let us know why.

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