Whats up everyone, we back with another new music monday. If you would like to have a chance to be featured on these playlist email EverythingsFly@gmail.com


I came across this collective on soundcloud and I fell in love with this song.  I’m a fan of bands that use live insturmentation in their music. Check out These Days above.

Darius Gray- The Party

Darius Gray is a st.louis artist and this song is just a great vibe.   The spacey atmospheric production paired with the smooth lyrics made for a great track.

Chizlonies The Lord- Dress Off

Chizlonies is a artist hailing from Tampa Florida.  I am unfamiliar with his music, but Dress Off was a great introduction and I will be checking out more of his work in the future and you should too.


Nokia Flame & Cam Guapo- Vibez

St.Louis rapper Nokia Flame should be on everyones radar.  His songwriting abilities and hooks are what sets him apart from everyone.  I think Nokia and Cam work well together and I think they should collab again in the future.

Chad Savage- Cash

Chad Savage is part of the collective 4 deep.  Chad has a distinct flow on this track and the nigga spitting some hot shit.  I also really enjoyed the production.  I can’t wait to hear more from Chad in the future.

Well be back next week with more dope tracks.  Stay tuned and enjoy the flight.



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