The Migos need no introduction they are one of, if not the biggest group in hip-hop right now.  The original Culture was a great project, filled with bangers and all that.  After much specualtion they have released their newest effort Culture II.  After a amazing 2017, they aim to start off the new year with a bang.  Did they deliver or fall short of expectations?


Culture II is the followup to Culture, which was a major success.  I was a huge fan of Culture; the album was a breath of fresh air and a brand new sound for the Migos.  Well fast forward a year and Culture II is here.  Off the bat the intro is a lifeless and boring. Throughout the album I was always expecting something more, but was constantly led down. Culture II felt like one long run on song.  The rhymes and flows were boring outside of Takeoff’s verses. Whenever I see a Migos and Drake collab I expect something major but even that was a letdown.  Despite all my criticisms I must say Takeoff rapped very well throughout this whole project.  This album did make me excited for a solo Takeoff Effort.

Culture II is filled with mediocre repetitive tracks that leave a lot to be desired.  The catchy hooks and flows I heard on Culture are replaced by boring lifeless songs.  Quavo and Offset were boring throughout the whole project, while Takeoff shines.  Culture II isn’t bad, but it also isn’t good, it’s just meh.  I’ll forget this ever came out and move on with my life after a few weeks, nothing really stuck out to me besides Takeoff’s rapping ability. This album is also way too long, at one hour and fourty-five minutes C2 is a chore to get through. There was no reason this album needed to be 24 tracks, it could have easily been cut in half.  This feels as though they just had a bunch of throwaways and decided to just throw them all into one project; it’s not cohesive or concise. All and all Culture II was some mid.


Favorite Tracks: White Sands, Narcos

Score: 2/5

What did you think of Culture II? Did you actually enjoy it or was it some bullshit?  Let us know what you think.


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