New Music Monday 1X29X2018

What’s up everyone we back for another New Music Monday.  Check out all of the songs below and let us know what were missing.  If you want to submit your songs to possibly be showcased email  Without further a due.

Saudi Suite – 600 MPH

Saudi Suite is a hitmaker out of Kansas City Missouri.  This song is wavy and the production is what brought me in.  The ambiance and atmospheric production is what really caught my ear.  I’m expecting great things from Saudi Suite here on out.

Lando209- Gelato Smoke

Gelato smoke is another wavy track, I appreciate the laidback production.  The beat switch and second track are also very fire.  I’m relatively new to Lando so I’ll be on the look out for buddy forsure.

4Deep – Mercy

4Deep is St.Louis collective that has been making dope tracks for a while now.   4deep’s chemistry is amazing. Meela’s vocal’s on the hook matched with everyones verses made for a dope track.

Alex Oren Featuring Joseph X- Red Cherry

Red Cherry is a fly ass song i can’t even lie.  Alex Oren not only produces fire music he is also a talented singer and songwriter.  Joseph X adds a nice touch to this song.  The two work well together and I can’t’ wait to hear more from them in the future.

Echo Shorty- FACEIT

Echo Shorty is a promising act out of southern illinois.  I’ve been a fan of his music but i feel like FACEIT could be a huge hit.  The production and how echo switches flowes effortelssy throughout the song was cool.  Check out FACEIT above.


Let us know what you think of the artist on this weeks showcase.  If you enjoyed it like and share this.  Well, untill next week peace.

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