A Conversation With Preach

Recently I got to sit down with my good friend Preach and discuss his come up and upcoming projects he has in the works.  Read the interview below.


Tell the people what you do and who you are.

Preach: I’m a fucking genius haha.  I’m a photographer, a curator, a director,  I’m a marketer Im a brand.  I’m tight in the most humble way possible.  Im coming into my own and It’s dope seeing where I was and where I am now.

How did you get into the Art Scene?

Preach: I’m a nappy head boy from East St Louis/St. Louis I grew up on both sides of the water. But as far as the art scene, I went to Lane College in Jackson Tennessee and I had recently got back into clothing. I went to Vibes in 2016 and I was inspired by all the creatives and there work and I was inspired to get back into Fashion forreal.  I hit the ground running with GVO in February.  I was very impatient and I was going through it with my parents about dropping out of school.

What Started GVO?

Preach: I was just inspired by Good Vibes and I still am I just changed the name to CTRL, which is currently on hiatus right now.

What made you change the name from GVO to CTRL?

Preach: It was me going through it with my peoples about school.  You need to be in School and I’m like No.  You in control of your life, what are you going to do about it.

So, Twin Nem didn’t run up on you and make you change the name?

Preach: HaHa that’s funny. So, like in January my homegirl had sent me a picture of TwinNem with GVO Merch, before they blew up in that viral video.  Like ya’ll collabing and I’m like no lol.

We went to Edwardsville High School, how was that experience?

Preach: If you aren’t playing sports they really weren’t fucking with you, I bounced around, but I fucked myself up creatively.  I couldn’t balance school and making a brand.  I just kept getting into trouble like all young teens do.

What’s the most trouble you been in at school?

Preach: I was suspended for Twenty-Four days in the Month of September of my Sophomore year.


Preach: The first time Niggas was smoking weed. I got 12 days and had to take a drug class, after the twelve days I came back and I got into a fight.  I transferred to Hazelwood East .  I was there for the rest of the semester.  Came back and went to Alternative School and graduated.

What is Jackson Like?

Preach: Lane is a small ass HBCU in the middle of Ferguson basically.  You put a small ass college in the middle of the hood basically and you have Lane.  It’s a small HBCU, it’s cool I guess.  Any school for the betterment of Black Kids I’m all for.

So What’s your mindset as your leaving Lane?

Preach: I was still kind of invested in school.  I wanted to create 24/7 but I was still finding my way.  All that went out the window when I went to vibes.  Vibes was in July of 2016, I got back to school in August but it never clicked with me I was focused on creating.  I had class with you, I was never there. I would leave the house early in the morning to make it seem like I was going to school and go to the library and create.  We would have test days and I would never show up.

What was your major when you were in school?

Mass Communications and Business.

Who are some of your biggest Influences?

Preach: Kanye, Hov, Charlamagne tha God, Lauren Hill and God.

How did you into Photography?

Preach: GemOwlz threw their first show back in August, I was there and my friend Trina tweeted ” I have a very special task for one of my followers tonight”.  She texted me “Do you wanna shoot digital for me?’, Granted Trina only shoots film.  Stu hyping me up and telling me I was good.  We dropped the pictures and they were getting good responses.  Stu hit me and asked me if I really wanted to do this and he helped me get my first camera.  Someone was selling a camera for 500.  He said come up with 250 and I’ll give you the other 250.  After getting the camera we been rolling ever since.

You got honored at the CFA Gala how did that feel?

Preach: It was crazy because I didn’t feel like I deserved It at the time, I had so many people supporting me there and after I got done with my speech, I started crying, bawling like tears wouldn’t stop.  It was a great moment because all my friends and big homies that I look up to were there.  It was dope.

How are you feeling mentally right now? I always ask because we as a community don’t take mental health as serious as we should.

Preach: If you follow me its known I deal with Depression.  I’ve always shared my story because I know there is people going through what I go through.  I feel like 2018 is going to top 2017, because I’m not going through the bullshit I was dealing with in 2017.  I think 2018 is going to be my happiest year yet.  As of right now I’m happy I’m very happy.

What do you have in store for 2018?

Preach: My documentary of black love. Because what’s more dope than black love?  It’s called No Ordinary Love.  I love Sade, and that was the inspiration for the name.  The way we express it, whether it be joaning, the head nods between black men, the love we show is something special and it’s different. It links us all, whether we know it or not.  I have another project with RY called broken.  I’m in a art exhibit in Virginia and one in New York.  I’m shooting more and I’m trying to build my cliental.  I want to direct more things and release more short films.

Do you see yourself getting into other forms of Media?

Yeah, I’m working on another podcast.  I’m getting back into fashion and I also want to get into music.  I want to get into being a A&R and narrating projects.  I want to direct music videos and work with more artists.

Are you going to get back into Rapping?

No, but I still got bars for a nigga if he wanna bring me out of retirement.  If ya’ll want me on a song let me know.  Niggas think I can’t rap but I can really rap.

Thank you Preach.  You can follow Preach on twitter at @preachperfect and Instagram @preach.perfect. To get in contact with him his email is workwithpreach@gmail.com.

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