New Music Monday Januaryx22x2018

We back with another New Music Monday. These are some of the best tracks I discovered from last week.  I hope you all enjoy.

Make Me Feel is a great song, reminiscing on childhood and growing up.  Trey’s flow and content is what sets him apart from the pack.  The smooth production is a amazing touch to this song.  It brought back the great memories of growing up that anyone can relate too.

Blue Suede is a great track to vibe too.  The smooth production courtesy of Alex Oren and vocals from Joseph X make this a great track.  The two drop amazing work together.  This track just wavy, I love it.

I came across North and I didn’t really know what to expect from this artist.  Coming out of Chicago, I was thoroughly impressed with this song.  I’m a fan of the somber production on this track, North’s lyrics are impressive.  His new tape “The evolution of NorthIV” was good and it made me a fan.  Check out Under Pressure.

Philadelphia’s Cashier fresh has been a promising act these past few years.  Originally getting famous off of vine, he started making music and to many people’s surprise is actually good. Catching the eyes of Drake, Yachty, and many more.  Typo is a banger and the metal-esque production is a nice touch.  This shit just hard bruh.


This is my first time hearing of Harry Hudson, But what a introduction.  Yellow Lights is a beautiful song.  Harry’s somber vocals over the pianos really impressed me.  Yellow Lights made me a fan of Harry and can’t wait to hear more from him in the future.


Gusto is one of my favorite performers right now.  Gusto is full of energy and knows how to give a good show.  His latest track Big Worm embodies everything I like about him.  Energetic, Brash, Loud.  Big Worm is his last single leading up to his mixtape PressurePack2: The Story of Pep Boy, which is being released on February 16, 2018.  Until then enjoy Big Worm above.

Well its been fun, check out the music above and enjoy.  I’ll be back next week with more new music.


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