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I recently got to sit down and interview Teacup Dragun, she is one of the most interesting singers i’ve come in contact with.  We sat down to speak about her upbringing, her influences, traveling to L.A. and of course new music.  Read the interview below and check out Emotional Whore below.

Tell us about yourself and this journey of yours.

Teacup: I am Teacup Dragun, singer-songwriter, Emotional Whore. I started off in Church, got out of church literally just like that.  I started to emo music and then I got into the alternative scene.  I dabbled in poetry and I started songwriting and took of from there.

What are some of your biggest influences?

Teacup: So I’ve always been into rock metal and alternative music.  So I was raised on ACDC, but also raised on Tupac.  I was raised on Whitney Houston, and then I would also be listening to RadioHead.

So, What are some are your biggest influences Now?

Teacup: For Singing purposes I’ve always loved Whitney Houston and stronger voices, Radiohead, Metallica, Paramore, Blink 182, I listen to a little bit of everything.

How Did you get into the St. Louis Art Scene and do you feel as though there is a renaissance going on right now?

Teacup: Ummm, how did I get into It? I just had a big ass catalog of music. I never released it, I just had it in my car, and randomly some of my friends heard it in my car and was like ” What is this” oh it’s just some music I had made and they were like Like you should release this, WHOA NO. not putting it out its just for fun. But it ended up being my first EP Pandora’s Box. And I put it out and made a video for it and it did pretty well so I decided to keep doing it. As far as the scene I have no clue how people started figuring out who the fuck I was.  People just started booking me for shows and I’m like yall sure because I don’t make the type of music Yall listen too so I was like OK. I literally just hopped in when people started to book me.

So you recently moved to L.A. how is the L.A. Scene compared to the St. Louis Scene?

Teacup: I’m still trying to find my Cherokee Street in L.A. It’s quite different, they lowkey crazy they rude as fuck. They are not used to seeing Black Alternative Kids. They don’t like change, they don’t like seeing anything out of the normal.  If you’re not a girl that wears high heels, plastic surgery then they don’t want you.

What do you have in the works for 2018?

Teacup: Emotional Whore 2 is basically finished but not finished.  I keep adding songs to the project.  I have a release date but I’m not releasing it yet.  The single is coming out soon.  Emotional Whore 2 wasn’t even supposed to happen, it was originally called Happy Hoe.  But some shit popped off and it became Emotional Whore 2.

You’re pretty open about your depression and emotions in your music but how do you deal with them in everyday life?

Teacup: I write them out and turn them into songs.  When I turn them into songs they get a little gorey and I don’t mean to take a full turn but they get a little suicidal and depressing.  But it helps me overcome it and overcoming my crazy thoughts. Writing music helps me through my depression.

So How are you feeling now?

Teacup: I’m not depressed right now, it feels like I’m slipping sometimes but I’m not.  I channel that energy into something else. I write or I eat to take my mind off it.

What do you like to eat?

Teacup: Vegan food.  I’m allergic to meat, I can eat seafood but I can’t eat other meats because I’ll die.  I gotta carry around a epipen or I’ll die.

Do you have any collabs on the way or any people you want to work with?

Teacup: There’s no collabs on Emotional Whore 2, It’s me and one producer, Love Baker. he literally sends me beat packages on how I feel.  He’ll text me like how I feel, I’ll tell him and he sends me beats and I write to them.

Is there anyone you worked with or want to work with in St Louis?

Teacup: There’s a few people I want to work with.  I want to work with Sir Eddie C, I want to work with Zado, I also want to do a song with Nikee Turbo.  I also want to do a song with 4deep, all of them that would be dope.

When you going to get these bars off?

Teacup: You mean like rapping?  I can’t rap, I’ll sound like a homeless white girl trying to rap. I’m good at writing but I can’t rap.

Who are you working with in L.A.?

Teacup: I’m not working with anyone right now, but I’m trying to get more collabs for 2018.  I’ve met a few people but I can’t talk about.  I’ve met some Well-known artists and I’m working with some well-known DJ’s that I can’t legally speak on.

Have you mapped out your 2018 and what you wanna do?

Teacup: I want to reach as many souls as possible.  If i can reach people with being a unsigned indie artist.  If i get signed that’s fine, if I don’t get thats fine too.  I want to help as many people through their depression and in turn help me get through mine. I just want to help as many people as possible.

A lot of artists talk about signing and not signing how do you feel about the whole indie vs major discussion?

Teacup: It’s iffy, if you go about being a indie artist and doing what you’re supposed to do you will make it.  With being signed they’re creating your brand and you have to go through them for everything.  With me being a black alternative kid, a label may try to change that, versus me being indie I can control my image.

Have you talked to any labels and can you speak on anything right now?

Teacup: Yes, they like the fact that I’m me but also don’t like the fact that I’m me.  There are things they don’t like about me, and would change if I signed.

So would you sign?

Teacup: Not right now, I’m Just keeping it Indie right now.

What are some lessons you have learned that you want to share with other creatives?

Teacup: Be Yourself no matter what. Be true to yourself, don’t change shit for nobody.  Things will fall into place. and be smart about every decision you make.

How does your family feel about all of this?

Teacup: My dad doesn’t care, my mom is my biggest fan.  If she could come to every show she would.  But since she works she comes to all the shows she can.

Follow Teacup at @TeacupDragun on all socials and listen to Emotional Whore below!



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