It’s the end of the year and as always, I wanted to rank my favorite rap projects of 2017.  But before I get into the list these are my opinions, but I would love to hear what you all think about my list. So here are my favorite rap albums of 2017.

  1. Jay-z – 4:44


No one was expecting this album, there were rumors of Hov returning with a new album.  But there was nothing tangible.  Jay-z and No I.D. crafted an amazing project that embodies growth and perfection.  4:44 is cohesive and precise throughout the whole project, Hov’s impeccable lyricism is showcased on Marcy Me and throughout the whole project.  Most importantly 4:44 showcases how to age gracefully in Hip-Hop, and growth in this Industry. Coupled with the messages of black excellence and establishing and maintaining wealth 4:44 is a album every person should listen and learn from.

  1. Kendrick Lamar- DAMN.


Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN is a amazing body of work.  The undertones of religion and his upbringing in Compton.  Kendrick raps eloquently about the other side of fame and his dealings in this industry.  DAMN.’s production coupled with it’s features and Kendrick came together for a amazing album.


  1. Tyler The Creator- Flower Boy


Flower Boy is Tyler’s the Creators most mature body of work.  Delving more into the Tyler Life and Success. The point of loneliness, depression, sexuality and success are all topics of discussion and Tyler is rapping about it with a new sense of self and maturity.  All of these things came together for a beautiful project.

Tracks to Check Out: Who Dat Boy, See You Again, Garden Shed, 911/ Mr Lonely

  1. Rapsody- Laila’s Wisdom


Laila’s Song is a beautiful body of Work.  Many of people have doubted Rapsody’s ability to rap, and create. Laila’s Wisdom is Rapsody’s first album in five years, after years of EP’s and Mixtapes creating buzz and garnering acclaim Rapsody delivered a amazing body of work that put her on another level.

Tracks to Check Out: Ridin, Power, Nobody, Ooowee, Jesus Coming

5.Big K.R.I.T. – 4eva is a Mighty Long Time


Big K.R.I.T. has always been one of the most consistent rappers of this generation, but he never had a album that I loved.  His first few albums were just good to me. K.R.I.T.’s biggest accomplishments have been his mixtapes, but this album is a collective of everything that made me a fan in the first place. After getting off of Def Jam he finally has creative control on what he wants. The amazing production coupled with amazing K.R.I.T. ‘s rapping ability made for a great project.

Tracks to Check Out: Subenstein IV,  Confetti, Ride Wit Me, Lay Up

  1. Migos – Culture


Migos have been one of the biggest collectives for the past few years, having a array of amazing mixtapes and they always have a hot single.  Despite all that they never had a standout album.  They finally delivered that with Culture.  It is filled with great songs, great raps from everyone in the crew and great production for a dope album.

Tracks to Check Out: T-Shirt, Brown Paper Bag, Kelly Price

7.Smino- BlkSwn


Smino’s debut album was one of the most versatile and refreshing albums I’ve heard in recent years.  The production and the way Smino flows over tracks is impeccable.  Smino can’t be contained as there are many different vibes on this project.  Blkswn is a project that everyone can take away from.

Tracks to Check Out: Amphetamine, Anita, Maraca, Netflix & Dusse

8.Rick Ross- Rather You Than Me


Rick Ross Rather You Than Me is latest addition to Rick Ross’s near flawless discography.  Ross’s bravado over smooth production is as good as ever. Rather You Than Me is everything I expected from Ross twice over.

Tracks to Check Out: Santorini Greece, Idols Become Rivals, Trap Trap Trap, I think She Like Me

  1. Lil Uzi Vert- LUV is Rage 2


Lil Uzi Vert has become one of the most polarizing figures in rap today.  From him labeling himself a rock star, to being the face of mumble rap, he has become one the biggest stars in 2017.  I’ve been a fan of Uzi since LUV is Rage, so finally getting this project was a big deal to me.

Tracks to Check Out: Two, Pretty Mami, Neon Guts, For Real, X

  1. Belly – Mumble Rap


Belly has always been a great rapper, and writer but Mumble Rap is his most complete project to date.  The exclusively produced Boi-1da project is a true delight to listen too.  Belly’s versatility and Boi-1da production make Mumble Rap a true delight.

Tracks to Check Out: Immigration to the Trap, Mumble Rap Papyrus

This has been an amazing year for rap music.  Let us know what you think of this list and what your list is.  Happy Holidays and I hope you all have a great 2018.

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