Look pay the guys, stop trying to finesse people out of their hard work. Nine times out of ten people will work around your financial woes. I’m tired of hearing stories of people trying to finesse artist.

Time Is Money

It takes time to make art.  Whether it be painting, making music, photography etc., it takes time to make good product and time is money.  You wouldn’t like if niggas came to yo job asking for free shit, so why you trying to play people who make their money this way? People know what they are worth and undermining that and trying to play someone is insulting.


People will work with you, don’t be discouraged if your funds aren’t right, right now.  Honesty is truly the best policy.  If you are straight up with someone they will probably respect that and try and make something crack, but if they don’t then they just don’t and you can try again at a different time.  But if someone isn’t trying to work with you because you broke you have to respect that.


Pay people period.  Don’t be funny with people’s money, that could possibly get you hurt or sued.  Also stop trying to offer drugs as payment, its tacky we not in the 1800’s we not bartering.  Some people may let that slide but I wouldn’t make it a habit of doing that.  I just want you all to do better and be honest.  That’s all, most people won’t let that slide but I’m sure someone will.


Wasting peoples time, in my opinion is the most disrespectful shit ever.  Mainly because you can’t get that shit back.  If you agree to meet somewhere and you don’t show up you are wasting peoples time they could have been anywhere in the world but they stuck waiting on your goofy ass. If something come up where you can’t make a previous arraignment it would be best to speak with that person and tell them your situation.  It’s not hard you can’t be afraid to speak with people.  Stop being a scary person and let people know what’s going on and don’t waste their time


Stop trying to use the excuse “oh you will gain exposure” nine times of ten you not that popping.  It varies from person to person on who they will shoot for “exposure” but unless you have something to bring to the table, just pay and move on.  This is particularly aggravating because the main people trying to pull this card are people with nothing going for them in the first place.  Just pay people the amount that they agreed on and keep it moving.

I just want everyone to be prosper and eat.  Pay people for the work they have done, don’t try and finesse people out of their hard-earned money.  But most importantly I just want people to do better.  Do better, because when you do better you feel better and better things start to happen to you.


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