Being a creative can be very draining.  Flat out, shit can get rough for people in any field but I always find creatives really going through it.  Whether it be trying to make money, or dealing with parents or peers, there is a lot holding people back.  Take care of yourself

Take time for yourself.

It’s ok to not be good, we are humans at the end of the day.  We get tired, we have off days, its normal.  Take time to get yourself right, because how are you going to help other people if you can’t even help yourself. Eat your favorite food, go hang out with your friends, take a nap whatever it is that needs to be done and then get back to work.

Go at your own pace.

A lot of creatives get caught up in trying to keep up or try to go at someone else’s pace. Which can halt them artistically.  Things come and go organically and trying to alter that will hurt you in the long run.  Go at your own pace because trying to force ideas out of your idea can be detrimental to whatever your art is.

Go for a walk

Going outside and going for a walk can be one of the best things to clear your mind of whatever is holding you back.  Really anything to get your mind off of whatever it is that has your mind in a funk.

Seek Help

Sometimes the tips above won’t be enough to help and you may just need to see a professional.  A lot of people have a stigma around therapy, that if they seek help they are crazy.  But in reality, a lot of people have mental illnesses that have been holding them back for years and they didn’t know it.  first go see a doctor so that they can refer you to Psychiatrist and then go from there.  If you are feeling suicidal please call someone you love or anyone for that matter. The suicide hotline number is1-800-273-8255 if you are ever feeling suicidal.  Don’t be afraid to open up to people, more people go thought this type of thing.  You don’t have to go thought this alone.

Take care of yourself, drink water go for a run.  Do whatever it is you need to do, to make sure you are good. Be good to yourself, because you can’t do anything for anybody else unless you are good first.  Be selfish every once in a while, you deserve it.


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