People are out here trying to make it anyway they can, and for a lot of creatives there is not a real plan set in stone.  So here a few tips that could help you on your creative journey.


I know its cool for everyone to be a “introvert” on social media, but in actuality you are going to have to be social and create those connections if you want to get your work out.  Going out and just sitting in a corner is not going to cut it either actually go out, make yourself known.  Don’t be afraid to strike up conversations with your peers, don’t be afraid to make yourself known in whatever capacity.  You never know who can help you to get you where you want or need to be.

Make sure your finances are right.

Many people I know think they can live off just their art.  In this capitalistic society that is just unrealistic.  Not to say that it is not possible, but it takes time.  So just up and quitting your job, is not the best idea.  You are going to need some sort of steady income to fund your artistic endeavors.  You have to stay down until you get right, deal with your reality until you get to where you want to be.  Find a job you don’t’ completely hate and work on your craft until you have a substancial fan base to support you.  Take care of your bills and obligations so you not out here looking crazy while creating and promoting your art.


Stop thinking you can just act how you act with your friends with your customers.  Deadass learn how to be on time, learn how to conduct yourself in a professional manner.  Some people have to learn how to be on time, and how to be reliable.  The point I’m trying to make is act like you have some damn sense.  How you think people are going to react when they find out you just everything they shouldnt be and you the one running the business.

Love what you do.

I have seen many “creatives” do things just because they are in it for the monetary gain or they believe it will bring them the most money.  If you are going to do something, do it because you actually enjoy doing it.  Don’t just do something because you think it will make you the most money, do something because you actually want to do it.  In the long run, you won’t actually be happy with what you’re doing.  You will be doing a disservice to whoever you work with and most importantly you’ll be doing a disservice to yourself.  You won’t be truly happy with yourself, love yourself and prosper.

Stay Patient

Stay humble, and patient, nothing happens overnight.  It is a marathon, not a race. If you are truly doing everything you can do promote and market yourself, then you will find success in some shape form or fashion.  Just stay patient and consistently drop work and you will be alright.  Rome wasn’t made in a day, and neither will your career.  There aren’t any get rich quick schemes in this shit.  Keep working and be patient, If one plan of yours does not work, plan again and keep going.


Support your contemporaries, but only if you truly fuck with what they are doing.  Don’t just be out here supporting people because you’ll think you’ll get something in return.  It won’t always work the way you think it will.  Also thats trash as hell, It’s ugly as fuck.  If you truly fuck with someone, tell them tweet them or whatever I don’t care.  But disingenuous support, isn’t real support.

Before I go I have one last thing to say , stop drawing cartoon characters in Bape, please.  It isn’t cool or creative anymore.  It’s old as hell and dirty as fuck, please. signed Me.

Just put the work in, be respectful and polite and you should prosper.

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