Smokepurpp is a part of this new wave of Miami artist coming up.  Purpp has been making bubbling for these past few years, never really gaining traction until now.  After hearing his single, Glock in My Benz he announced his album DeadStar. When I first heard Glock In My Benz, my first reaction was that it eerily sounded like XO Tour LLiff3.  None the less I still really enjoyed the record. When I heard he was dropping a album, I was interested.  So, let’s get into the review.


Purpp really tries, he really does.  But this project is a bag of trash.  Each song Purpp bites off another more prevalent artist.  I’m all for the ignorant, turn up but this is just bad.  Purpp subject matter on this project is redundant, Purpp raps are mundane and boring.  This project is just a mashup of terrible re-hashes of better trap records.  The production is decent, but with Purpp lazily rapping on the record it leaves a lot to be desired.  While Purpp is lackluster, the features from Lil Pump, DRAM, and Juicy J where pleasant surprises.

Purpp wears his influences on his sleeve with this project.  Deadstar sounds like a Purpp listened to any popular artist and tried to recreate their sound.  Along with this album not really having a distinct sound it doesn’t have theme, it made it really hard for me to enjoy this project.  Purpp isn’t the most lyrical or deep, but this project couldn’t keep my attention. While Purpp wasn’t interesting on this project, the production was cool.  This album makes me want to go listen to actual good artist. Hopefully in the future Smokepurpp This was a waste of my time but i say that to say this, stop listening to trash ass niggas that copy of another niggas style.  Just listen to the original.  God bless.

Score: 1/5

Favorite Tracks: lol


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