Look Ive been waiting on these damn project for too long brush. Lil Uzi Vert has been one of the most polarizing figures in Rap music for the past few years.  After the success of his single XO TOUR LIIF3, people speculated when the album would be coming out.  Last week Uzi without notice, told everyone he was releasing the project at midnight, everyone included myself was ecstatic.  Without further  a due lets get into the review.


LUV is rage starts off very slow.  I wasn’t a fan of the first 4-5 tracks.  These tracks seemed forced and out of place.  I don’t know what Uzi was going for with those tracks, but I wasn’t a fan.  After these tracks Uzi seems to find his groove and the album goes really sounds cohesive.  The production on this project is flawless throughout, even on the songs I didn’t like , I  at least enjoyed the production. I was ecstatic to finally get the CDQ of “For Real” Uzi has a knack for making catchy songs and infectious hooks, which are in abundance  on this album.  This album is full of bangers and dope tracks. Luv is Rage 2 is full of shoulder shaking music  This shit was flames, this was me the entire project


This project was a very dope project, don’t mention saying otherwise either. I don’t care, you can catch this block/mute combo.  Uzi delivered a great project that showcases his growth and ability to blend genres.  All of the features feel organic and they mesh together well. Even with my few grips this project was good, Luv is Rage 2 is a adequate predecessor to Luv is Rage.

Score 4/5

Favorite Tracks: X, For Real, Early Twenty Rager, Pretty Mami, Dark Queen

Normally I ask ya’ll how y’all feel about the project, and to let us know.  But I don’t care this time around, this shit was everything I wanted.



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