Carleone or “Carle” as his friends call him, is a charismatic Indie Hip Hop artist, rapper, song writer, producer from St. Louis, MO. The oldest son, he grew up on the Northside where lessons of survival were taught each day.  His experiences have hardened him, and even his tattoos tell some of his complex story!  As he says, “he listened and he learned”!


SLA-Buildingsko lr (16 of 5)


Carleone Carle’s latest project, a mixtape entitled “SAINT_LA” has been a true labor of love.  Though he calls it a “mixtape”, if you listen to all 14 tracks, it feels more like an album!  His sound is unlike any other.  Hip Hop, rap and his strong tenor voice, combine with his real life tales and experiences in a way we can all relate to. 




What you can clearly hear in the lyrics he so artfully crafts, is that he has lots of love for his family, and his city.  His club hits “Bed Wet”, See me Baby” and “Stopping Traffic” caught our attention, but his sound has matured on SAINT_LA, and you will walk away a die hard fan!



Take a listen to all of the tracks on SAINT_LA, but pay special attention to “Foes”, “Be Yourself” and “Hate Town”.  These three songs sum up where this artist’s head and heart are at this moment. A late addition to the album, “You Already Know” will seal the deal with music and beats from the talented Fresco Kane.

Carleone is one of those artist that you can feel the music when you hear their voice on the instrumentals. Most rappers ride a wave of what they believe is popular but Carleone is in his own lane. Staying true to his roots he does whats natural to him. Cant wait to see the young man perform live Oct 14th for Everything’s Fly. Be sure to check out his music video below.

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