Getting covered on different websites and blogs can be crucial to any artist’s career. It creates buzz and brings attention to your craft.  I love finding new artists and featuring them and telling people about their work, because its just what people do.  But lately I’ve been seeing some things that people do to get noticed and it just makes me sad.  Like who raised you?  But these are just some things that won’t help you get your name out.

1. Spamming

Look, don’t be sending me the same fucking link over and over again.  I saw the shit the first time.  I saw it, I listened to it, and decided that I didn’t like it, Nothing more nothing less.  First off, it gives people the impression that your desperate, have some pride about your art. If one person didn’t like it, move on there is 7 Billion, you don’t have to google I already did, 7 Billion people on this planet, I am sure someone will like your art, it just won’t always be me.  Move on, keep creating and whatever happens, happens.  Just don’t keep sending me the shit cause I’ll probably just block your goofy ass.

2. Pestering

I have a very hard work schedule, I work 40+ hours a week and writing.  If I didn’t get to it, I just haven’t got to it yet.  Unless your going to pay my bills, stop bothering me. This is parallel  with spamming but fuck it.  Don’t keep bothering me about checking your music out.  When I get to it, I’ll get to it.  Unless your’e paying me, you have no say so, in when I do anything.  I completely understand wanting feedback and critique but I have a busy schedule and I can’t get to everything on someone else’s time. One other thing, please don’t beg me to listen to your music and then insult me when I don’t like it.  I didn’t have to listen to your shit in the first place, you contacted me to help you out.  Not the other way around, example a person who shall remain nameless hit me up to try and get featured.  I checked him out and I wasn’t feeling his music at all, so after telling him why he precedes to berate me with insults and just a bunch of bullshit.  I was doing you a favor, if you can’t take critique or criticisms you shouldn’t be creating anything at all.

3.  Being Disrespectful

I am the most respectful person, until you push me.  I have no problem with giving you critique, but the moment you send me something outta pocket, I have no more words for you.  Being disrepectul will get you nowhere, but blocked and reported.  I’m not even a hard person to get along with, or work with.  It’s not hard just be respectful and send your art out, and if I like it I’ll share it, Its very simple.  It is essential to build a rapport with journalists and bloggers, but fucking up that rapport is almost never good.  Tyler the Creator blasted specific blogs when he was up and coming but not everyone is Tyler.  The point is just be respectful and you will go far.

4. Threats

Do not threaten me.  You niggas be having two plays on soundcloud be thinking you the baddest muhfuckas on earth, Relax.  My personal opinion on your music has nothing to do with you as a person, and vice versa.  But don’t threaten me about no music.  Imagining catching a case over a music opinion, what you gonna tell the judge? “Oh I tried to fight this nigga because he ain’t like my song”.  I hope y’all understand how stupid that sounds.  You coming to bloggers and writers for support, but trying to bully or strong arm your way to get attention.  I really wondering do ya’ll mommas be knowing about the bullshit y’all pull. Stop it. Love yourself, be respectful.


It’s very simple, submit your music and if I genuinely like it I’ll post it.  Nothing more nothing less.  People really be trying to come up with strategies to get posted, when all you have to do is make good music.  Being respectful and tactful will get you very far in this business and I can’t stress that enough.



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