Vic Mensa has finally released his debut project, The Autobiography.  It has been a longtime coming for the chicago artist.  Vic blew up in 2013, with the release of his critically acclaimed INNANETAPE  The years following that tape were filled with singles that didn’t really catch and a few solid EP’s.  Many people wondered would Vic ever followup with full body of work that would match the success of INNANETAPE.  I have been a fan of Vic for years and have been waiting on this project for the longest.  Did Vic deliver with this project, or did he drop the ball?


Vic Mensa has been struggling to find his signature sound for the past few years.  But on The Autobiography, Vic effortlessly blends the sounds of Rock and Rap.  Victor has a special way of switching flows and going from singing to rapping. Vic’s rapping ability is the best I have ever heard from him.  The production and special appearances on the album are amazing, and a Weezer appearance really surprised me.  My problems with this project are few and far, but I was not a fan of Down for Some Ignorance.  Down for Some Ignorance sounded like a throwaway from Yeezus.  I also wasn’t a fan of the hook of Rolling Like A Stoner, I felt as though he could have re-done it to sound so bland.  My problems with those records aside this is an amazing project.  The way this album is structured is flawless.  The transitions in-between songs are crisp and really helps the album flow into one solid body of work.

The Autobiography is a special piece of work, that showcases Vic’s versatility. I was surprised at how well Mensa could how sing.  After many years of being all of the place musically, The Autobiography solidifies his sound.   I was very pleased with this project, His last few releases have all been solid bodies of work.  After hearing this project, I can’t wait to hear more from Vic, and to see where Vic goes in his career.

Score: 4.5/5

Favorite Songs: Memories on 47th Street, Coffee & Cigarettes, Didn’t I (Say I Didn’t)

Tell us what you think and let us know what y’all think of the review. Who should I review next?

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