After numerous setbacks and delays, this years VIBES Festival finally has a date.  The event has been one of the biggest Art showcases for the past three years.  Each year the festival has got bigger and bigger and this year looks to be the biggest one yet.  VIBES has been essential for showcasing local talent and this years lineup is very promising. This years lineup is one of the most diverse lineups in recent history.  Below are the acts that will be blessing the stage.  Don’t miss out on this glorious event, cop tickets from



PnkCaravan formally known as JSMN is one of the most unique promising young talents coming out of St. Louis, Missouri.  Her wordplay and style is second to none, and it is a great honor to have her performing at this years Vibes.



Songs to Check out:

“Coogi Sweater”

“David Was His Name”

“Rowboats & Reebok”

“Rob A Jewelry Store”

Nikee Turbo18622311_1028468613955380_2991124551566465010_n

Nikee Turbo is one of the hottest artist coming out of St.Louis Missouri.  The way he raps and how he commands the listeners attention will take him far in his career. Turbo’s ability to dance and turn up a crowd set’s him apart from his contemporary’s.  You wouldn’t want to miss out on his performance this year.

Socials: @NikeeTurbo


Songs to Check Out:

“Apply Mo’ P”

“Bout to Blow”

“Back Focused”

“Who Said’


Teacup Dragonmaxresdefault-2

Teacup Dragun style and how she composes her art is one of the most unique things about her.  Her voice is beautiful and she commands your attention, making her one of the most interesting artist to perform this year.  The honesty and vulnerability in her music makes her a standout.



Songs to check out:


“Don’t Panic”

“My Favorite Fcuk Boy”


Matty Wood$


Matty is one of the most versatile artist coming out of St Louis.  His ability to switch flows and use of harmonies and melodies made him a no brainer for this years VIBES.  Matty has a lot of hits under his belt and Its only a matter of time before he hits stardom.

Social: @FUCKTHESWISHERS, IG: backwoodbandit_matt

Songs to Check Out:





Slikk Darko


Slikk Darko’s meshing of different genres is refreshing and his music is a breathe of fresh air. He brings a different sound to the table, Slikk’s ability to flow over different types of beats is dope, and he has been making noise for a while now.  His song “Never Brag” is one of the dopest songs I have heard in recent memory.

Socials: SLIKK_DARKO, IG: gawd_darko


Songs to Check Out:


“Never Brag”


“40 n’ mule”



Chrisfrmkro has some of the most unique flow’s in rap right now.  Chris ability to switch flows at a moments notice is amazing and mind boggling.  His soundcloud is filled with unique jams, such as “Quit Bitchin” and “tipsy”.

Social: @chrisfrmkro


Songs to Check Out


“Quit Bitchin”

“be down (xander remix)”

“murph dertty”


Jean Deaux


Jean Deaux has constantly been evolving and breaking barriers in music for years.  Her ability to rap and sing, and switch between the two has been sharp.  Her music is never dull, and her music is always new and refreshing.  Her lyrics are always calculated and witty.  She is a star and it is a blessing to see her prospering.

Social: @ThatsJeanDeaux


Songs to Check Out



“Father Time”

“Don’t Kall My Name”



ChaseTheMoney is one of the most promising young producers coming out of St Louis.  Having produced bangers for Rich The Kid, Waka Flocka, Lil Stl, Valee and many more.  ChaseTheMoney VTM project with Valee has been one of my favorite releases this year and Chase is set to be the next super producer out of the Lou.

Social: @chasethemoney2s


Songs to Check Out:

VTM with Valee



1491840711396-valee-1Valee’s unique sound is what sets him apart from his contemporaries.  His sound is fresh and doesn’t sound like anything coming out of Chicago.  His wordplay and affinities for catchy melodies and crazy oneliners, make him a a perfect fit for VIBES.

Social: @1realvalee


Songs to Check Out:



“26 inch”

“Blue Cash”


Dom Inglish


Dom Inglish music is very dope and there is something for everyone.  No matter what your looking for, Dom has a song for you, this versatility will be great for him in the long run.  I can’t wait to see this artist perform.

Socials: @DomInglish


Songs to Check Out





This years Vibes is Set to be one of the biggest events in St. Louis History.  Cop your tickets Now, there will be limited tickets at the door.  Don’t miss out on this dope ass event. Follow @VIBESSTL on twitter for updates and announcements.  There is something for everyone at this event, bring yo moms,dads, kid, wife, husband, sickchick, sidechicks sidechicks, all of that.  Come and enjoy yourself!


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