Boominati Worldwide: STL Producer named Top Songwriter of 2017 for Q1

We’ve all heard it before, “Metro Boomin wants some more nigga,” “If Young Metro don’t trust you I’m gone shoot you,” or my latest favorite, “It’s luh Metro on the beat.” It’s gotten to the point where you know any song with one of these tags is about to bang. Your favorite rapper probably has had him on their project and it was probably that rapper’s best song on the tape. The super producer hit the ground running a few years ago and has picked up the pace to start off 2017, giving himself​ another notch on his heavyweight belt.

According to Music Business Worldwide, Young Metro is the top songwriter in the US for the first three months. The study basically gives out points for every song that cracks the Billboard Hot 100. Metro has the most points, contributing to nine Hot 100 hits, five being in the Top 10. 

On top of all this success, Metro has announced the launching of his record label, Boominati Worldwide. He’s already dropped some heat with his new label– “No Complaints” featuring Drake and Offset. 

So next time you feel like this man is damn near on every song, slap yourself because you been sleep for nearly the past decade. This Midwest mega-star has already stepped into elite status in this music industry and plans to make his name Worldwide.

Check out some of the hits that placed Metro above Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran as top songwriter below, along with his new single “No Complaints”. 

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