Bryson Tiller “Don’t Get too High”

Bryson Tiller dropped his long awaited album last friday titled, “True to Self.” The album is pretty hot, and with 19 tracks Tiller gives you versatility and consistency throughout the entire project. His first album, “Trapsoul” was very successful, so I was interested in seeing how Tiller would respond to the success for his second project.


While listening to the project I kept replaying the second song called, “Don’t Get Too High.” Its definitely one of the best tracks off of, “True to Self,” and I would highly suggest you give this song a listen if you haven’t already heard it. I like the song so much because of how real and genuine Tiller is, “Turned up at the function. You could barely function. Oh, you getting drunk and too high to call me up, and hanging with them other niggas, I could barely stomach.” Tiller is basically telling a girl to party less and spend more time with him. You can stream the track by clicking below.

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