Vick Seeking One Day Contract 

Michael Vick former NFL quarterback is seeking a one day contract to retire with the team that drafted him. The Atlanta Falcons drafted Vick number one overall in the 2001 draft. Vick had an amazing college career finishing the 1999 season as the nations top college player.

Vick has spoken with CBS Atlanta and said he hopes they can reach an agreement soon.

Michael’s career with the Falcons was cut short in 2007 when he was found guilty of facilitating dogfighting. Vick served 23 months in prison and  has since been rebuilding his reputation. Being given an award for Courage and also worked to get the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act passed in Congress.

Vick did make a return to the NFL being reinstated in 2009.  He now holds the record for most career rushing yards by a quarterback. Vick set the record with 6,109 yards on the ground and 36 touchdowns. In the air Vick finished his career with 22,464 passing yards and 133 touchdowns.

The former MVP candidate wants to return home. 

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