Nicholas Coulter is a St.Louis photographer whose work has taken him high and far. Whether it’s from seeing his work all over social media doing shots with local artist and models or from seeing a NFL team use his images on their social account. Nicholas really takes his talents to the next level and will also be hosting his first ever solo event “INSPIRE” A Photography Exhibition by Nicholas Coulter.

I met Nicholas before photography took his heart. When I met him he was passionate about two things… Family & Football. Someone I noticed that passed on the passion he shared on the field, now into his lens.

Photograph taken by Trina Rager

I once read a tweet from Nicholas that stated that he promise his grandmother that he would make it to the NFL and live out his dreams. Nicholas did just that indeed but by taking a different route. I asked him, “Explain the feeling  you had when you finally accomplished the goal you promise your grandmother years ago?”

My grandmother played a key role in my life. She would always offer some form of wisdom or story telling to help alter my perspective when dealing with certain situations. Unfortunately this conversation was the last in person we shared before her passing a few days before Christmas.

I was preparing to head off to Los Angeles, CA for Football Camp so I stopped by my grandmothers to say hi & share a few good laughs and get a hug before I departed.
We stood on her porch as the sunset, discussing my goals & aspirations. I was sad because I knew she wouldn’t be able to travel all the way to Cali to see me play so I had to promise that once I made it to the NFL I’d fly her out and she’d be front row to cheer me on. I was determined to make it to the NFL, ever since I started playing football at 7.

Unfortunately Cali didn’t work out and I took a road less traveled. I came home to Saint Louis & really dug deep into my heart. I remembered everything my grandmother told me & engraved it into my heart. After seeing football not go as planned, I saved up every last dollar and purchased my first camera. Not knowing what to expect I dove right into it & began my journey. The first picture I took was of my Brother Brock Seals, he’s an musician/painter.

Fast Forward to October of 2014 and I was working with my hometown Saint Louis Rams on a collaboration project. One of my good friends Janoris Jenkins wanted Brock Seals to paint a pair of his cleats for breast cancer awareness. That was the beginning of our journey into the NFL.

Pink Cleats- St. Louis Rams CB Janoris Jenkins

Now Brock & myself work together with Several NFL teams painting & photographing the players & their cleats.

I’ve always dreamed of times like this, it shows never to give up on your dream & enjoy the journey because it’s a beautiful struggle to the top & im all for it.

Christmas Edition- Su’a Cravens Washington Redskins

“How does it feel to know that this Saturday you’ll be hosting your first solo show? That must be a big moment in any artist’s career. All the limelight is on you. And everyone that came, came to support you. Explain how does it feel to finally be at this point to take this first big step into the future? And what are some goals you plan on achieving next?”

It’s feels amazing… I’m proud, I’m grateful & most importantly honored, especially with my first showcasing being in my Hometown of Saint Louis.

As the days to my exhibition is approaching many emotions erupt, I think back to the beginning of when I had that glimpse of inspiration towards photography which fueled mi fire. The feeling of all my loved ones coming out to celebrate & indulge into my artwork is a feeling I’ll cherish forever.

Honestly, I’m prepared for what’s ahead, I’ve been sharpening my skills & praying for times like this. Photography is what makes me genuinely happy & has created friendships and connections that I’ll be able to utilize moving forward.

My goal is to become the greatest photographer that I can be & find true happiness through it. My mission is to inspire & reach those who may be confused or discourage with the path they are traveling on now. I want them to know to enjoy the journey and believe in what they are doing 100%.

Goals that I will accomplish: 

Be featured in National Geographic. Document the Super Bowl & See my nephew grow and prosper through photography. Also put my family in a mansion by the lake, my momma always wanted that.

It’s safe to say that Nicholas, is one of a kind and his work will last a lifetime. 

All paintings by Brock Seals & photographed by Nicholas Coulter.

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