Last month I got the chance to check out a local event hosted by Mix’d Millennial to see another artist perform but I had no idea that “Mix’d Millennial” was actually another HipHop artist from St.Louis, MO. I feel like I should have known that because the more i thought about it the name was pretty self exclamatory. Well at least that was my assumption. During his set I noticed right from the jump that this guy was something special. Not only does he have amazing bars but also a ton of passion behind his work.




After the event I just so happened to stumble upon his Twitter page & decided to check out the Soundcloud link his bio in order to get more familiar with his music. The first track that caught my attention was Call Em.  This track is HOT! Definitely something that is catchy and flows extremely well. It kind of reminds me of something you would hear during the climax of a movie and thats what draws me in.


I was pretty shocked that I was not hip to Mix’d Millennial before this because I’m pretty in tune with all the local artist from St.Louis So I reached out and found out more about the man Mixing the streets up.



Mike: “So I’m assuming your stage name is pretty self explanatory? You’re mixed and you’re a millennial?…is that safe to assume? lol if so what made you decide to use that name?”

MM: Yes that’s safe to assume 😂 I chose the name Mix’d Millennial because I wanted the fact that I was biracial to be in the forefront and not just something people found out after they saw my profile on wikipedia.

Mike: What’s your favorite track of your own?

MM: My favorite song of mine is definitely call em because of all the work that went into that song and how it’s really the song that got all of this music stuff started.

Mike: Whats some background info you would like the people to know about you?

MM:  “I’ve been singing since I could speak but I never thought I’d really do anything with it. I never really had any idea what I wanted to do with my life because no “job” seemed interesting to me. Then I went into the studio for the first time and I realized where my real passion was. It fit me in every way possible. I could draw so I did my own album covers. I was outgoing and I’d been in choir almost my whole life so performing wasn’t new to me. I was always good with creative writing so lyrics were never hard to come by. And once I figured all that out everything that didn’t have even the slightest thing to do with music took the backseat and now I don’t do anything without thinking about my music. My throwing coach actually introduced me to the sound engineer who owned the first studio I ever went to. The vibe was unreal and I made music I’ve never dreamed of making before and that’s where I discovered the magic of the studio. My first performance was a rush of adrenaline and the energy in that room was crazy and ever since then I knew this is what I wanted to for the rest of my life”

I honestly can’t wait to hear more tunes from Mix’d Millennial in the future and I most certainly will have to catch him in action again this summer performing live. If you want to stay updated be sure to give him a follow on soundcloud.



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