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Meet ZaeAhead, the Maneuver & Creator. The St.Louis native is starting to create a growing buzz lately with his intense colors and unique designs.We got the chance to sit down with Zae to get a deeper look into the creator and what we can expect in the near future.


“My biggest inspirations as far as art and fashion have to Nigo, Basquiat, Takashi Murakami, Ye’. I really could go on but these people probably have had the biggest influence on me. They all are creatives that have their own style, ideologies, and way of doing things that’s solely them. When I’m working on anything whether it’s visuals, customizing some pants or a jacket, a canvas I try to portray vibrancy and darkness in everything. I’ve always been receptive to vibes and emotions around me. Whether it’s the music I’m listening to or pictures I’m looking at I try to channel all that inspiration into my art revealing vibrancy and darkness. That’s my aesthetic.”


“I’ve been into art and fashion since I was young. I really started taking art serious in high school, working with acrylic and watercolor paint. I was always doing some creative shit whether it was shooting visuals, painting, or styling. I started customizing clothing about a year and a half ago. I’ve been in about 4 art shows since then, the fifth Vibes being one of the key ones where I got a chance to display my work with STL’s coldest creatives.”


“Currently I’m just working on customizations I should be done soon. I have a pop up with new art and visuals at mizzou on the 28th. Most importantly, EXPECT MY FIRST OFFICIAL CLOTHING DROP THIS SUMMER 2 MONTHS. more details soon, I’ve been taking my time with everything but this summer I’m coming for sure. love.”

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