Jack Spear



Who is Jack Spear?  It’s probably safe to say that you were unaware of who he was unless you knew him personally, but after his debut project, i think it’ll be safe to say that he’ll become a familiar name in your playlist. Jack Spear is a local hip-hop artist from St.Louis,MO. Jack recently released his debut project titled ” 5-3-13″. We got the chance to take a listen before the scheduled release date and we think it’s definitely worth the listen but we wanted to find out the meaning of this oddly titled release.


Image-1 (1)

“5-3-13 is the date I started taking all this shit seriously. I hadn’t even started rapping at this point but this is the exact date I started to realize music was something I needed to get re-involved with. I grew up playing the piano and viola but nothing had ever sparked for me until I started freestylin’ with the homies back in my senior year of high school. We were ass but the feeling knowing I could make music again was all I needed to take off and run with it. I wanted to make this tape to capture the memories and emotions I experienced back then for all the people who are going through the exact same shit today and tomorrow. With all that being said, roll up your best reefer, get high to this shit man and enjoy. Everything’s Fly”

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