College Kitchen

Don’t let this pretty face fool you; this girl will definitely get her hands dirty. That is, in the kitchen, of course! Merryck, a native of Los Angeles, California, is a student at the University of Missouri and operates a catering company, College Kitchen.

When she is not heating things up in the kitchen, she enjoys watching old movies and trying out different restaurants around town.


What is college kitchen and how did it start?

College Kitchen is a company that literally started with a Sunday dinner. I enjoyed cooking for my friends every week, breaking bread and just sharing each other’s company.  Now it is a full-service catering company that supplies quality food to the Columbia community.”

She began March of 2016 selling $6 plates to students on campus every Friday, which slowly made people curious about her business. From there, she became the word around campus. “I’m very active on social media so people started wondering what we were going to make every week and even wanted to preorder. Because of that, we were able to start preselling our menu online. People started to ask us to cater and that’s really when things took off. We aimed to provide affordable options that look and taste good. “

Merryck’s passion for cooking is inspired by her family, specifically, her mom and aunt’s. Watching her aunt in the kitchen, she did not fail to pick up her family’s cooking skills. Her mother owns a bakery and clearly this is a trait that runs in her blood. Learning how to cook and make sauces from scratch as a child, she continues to implement this in her food. “Every College Kitchen sauce/item is actually made from scratch with fresh ingredients” she states.


“Taylor Garner and Sierra Mckie are really the heart and soul of College Kitchen. Taylor works as the manager and sous chef. She knows all of the recipes, which is a really big thing for me. She helps manage are budget for catering orders and assists me with creating new recipes and adding items to our menu. Sierra works as the head of operations. She makes sure our cooking space is completely spotless and that we have everything we need for an event (i.e. utensils, plates, catering materials). She also is our pastry chef. I come up with recipes for new desserts and she masters them. Each person plays an integral role in making sure our events are a success!” –Merryck



“At the moment, we have so many options. We’re trying to figure out if we want to hone in on one specific area whether it be catering or opening an actual restaurant. I would love to have a storefront and still provide catering on the side. Wherever I go after graduation, College Kitchen will come with me. It has become a part of me and I would love to see where I can take it. Los Angeles has become a hotbed for foodies like myself. TrapKitchen LA is one of my biggest inspirations and watching how far they have come, I really think the sky is the limit. I don’t plan on changing the name but I have considered simply using the abbreviation. That way, people have to ask what the story is behind it!”


From learning how to cook at such a young age and developing her talent and passion of cooking into a growing successful business, Merryck has no limit to where she can go! She is striving young black woman who is determined to make a name for herself. She is the definition of a #GIRLBOSS

Contact for our services

For catering, email or message them on Instagram (@collegekitchenmizzou) and Twitter (@ck__mizzou). “We do provide specials on Sundays with some of our popular menu items. Keep up with our Twitter for further updates!”




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