Sir Eddie C. The Self Proclaimed “Local Lame Rapper”

Is it difficult for you as an artist being from Bellville, Illinois to establish a name for yourself in St.Louis?

I think it makes it slightly more difficult. I kinda want to say first though, that no matter where you’re from, you gotta put in the work. People aren’t gonna come to you for just existing. But, to your question, I think it may make it a little more difficult. Mostly because the familiarity isn’t there. Like…I didn’t go to high school with anybody over here you know? Haha. And hip St. Louis is very close. So it’s sometimes difficult for them to accept or put me in the fold of things when they have a thousand other rappers they’ve known forever trying to get out there. And that’s from shows to even recognition. And let’s face it too, there’s always been a little…I dunno, “something” there with STL and the “Eastside” as y’all call it hahahahahaha. It’s like some weird rivalry shit i wasn’t aware of until I started coming over here hahaha. It used to bother me, but I had to kill notion of “thinking local”.

“What are some things that inspire you the create the song you want? What is the SirEddieC way of creating a concept?”

“When people used to ask me what type of rap I did, I used to say “regular people rap”. Haha. Like, I’m not super trapped out, or killing people in songs. I make songs in the same way I kinda experience life. So yeah, sometimes you get bummed out because someone you were in love with pulls some Fuck shit, so you get a “HHH + Stephanie” type of song. Other times, I’m feeling myself more than I should & lit & ignorant and you get a song like “Orenthal” or “Drive Thru” hahaha. I think it’s weird on any side (Trap, mumble, conscious, back pack, etc) when artists, particularly rap artists confine themselves to a box. Fuck boxes. It sounds cliché as fuck but my life & world view inspire how I make songs. So it’s important when I put shit out into the world that it’s a full palette.

Any new music or projects releasing soon?

Yes!!! I have so much stuff planned. More music. More videos. More shows. I want to travel with the rest of the clique too. FORTHEWHEN is about to be everywhere honestly. I have an EP I’ve been working on, on and off again with FORTHEWHEN producer/rapper LTD. He’s doing all the production on it. I think people should expect, what they’ve been getting since literally the first day of the year, consistent content. For the whole collective. We’ve been putting out content like crazy this year.

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