Matty Wood$ AKA The Backwood Bandit

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Whether it’s his unique style of layering or his catchy rhythms, Matty Wood$ is an artist to keep an eye on. The St. Louis rapper started to gain a strong buzz around the city after his debut music video for the hit song Bruce Wayne  shot and edited by directer Cory Miller. The video currently has over 3hundred thousand plays and counting. Matty Wood$’s music is definitely one for the stoners and the rockstars to enjoy.

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I’ve known Matty for a few years now and I pretty much got to see first hand the transitions Matty has made. You step in the booth with Matty then he’ll roll up a few backwoods and thats when the magic happens. Stay tuned to Matty and his career and be on the look out for any new releases. You never know, you may get blessed this 4/20.



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